Using StumbleUpon to Make You More Money

One of my favorite guys in the whole world (I’m talking about blogging here) wrote a post a while back and I don’t know how I missed it. Actually I wish I wouldn’t have missed. it.

Garry Conn has become widely known in the big bad world of the internet and he had wrote a post that caught my attention after I started looking into what all Stumble Upon could actually do for me.

I started stumbling a while back and just recently started doing it again to see if it would drive more traffic to my blog.

After reading Garry Conn’s post on “StumbleUpon Traffic Can Make You Money Online” I realized that I am a hard head. I had been using StumbleUpon in the wrong way.

I have dyslexia and therefore I often have to read something probably five times and then read between the lines before i get it.

I didn’t understand the post until I read a comment left on it by a reader Flying Rates.

The comment was as followed:

So let me see if I follow this correctly. Create content that people will stumble. Such as www dot warm soft cookies / best receipes

People stumble and link to that page and that page earns Page Rank.

About a week later go back to the above page and add links to other pages such as
www dot warm soft cookies / Peanut Butter. This page has affiliate links and adsense links related to the best peanut butter cookies.

Is that correct?

In a response to this Garry Conn left a reply:

If I read that correctly, then yes. Using the pages that have established their own PageRank you can go back and seed links on it to help build other pages that are more focused on making money online. The MMO pages because they have backlinks from other pages with PageRank will soon establish their own PageRank and end up ranking better in the SERPs.

Now this was worth stumbling to me. I finally realized that StumpleUpon could help you to get a higher page rank and more traffic. Leaving links to a past post is also a great way to get more links into your blog and it works great if the past post has something to do with affiliate marketing.

If you still do not understand this method of using StumbleUpon to get more money, please read the link to the post above.

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