The Power of Twitter

I have heard many bloggers and other people in the real world state that Twitter can have an amazing outcome. I have also heard people say that twitter is only a power house for bloggers who want others to think that they are special.

I have used Twitter to help me get the message out there when I thought that something needed to be heard.

I don’t know if you have heard of Twitterholic but it is a site that allows you to view the top 100 people that have been followed and also are following the most people. Twitterholic is an interesting site once you view it, and it often makes you wonder if this entire idea of twitter being dumb, makes sense at all.

If you could get that many people to follow you and you followed them back, then what kind of outcome would you have? Would more people want to know what all the fuss about you was all about, or would they simply just rub it off as another socialholic who has gotten out of hand?

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