Make WordPress Faster

By now we should all know about the tiny button on our wordpress administrator page that says Turbo Charge but did you know that there is a way to make wordpress faster? There may be a few of you who already know how to make wordpress faster but since this is a beginner’s blog for newbies, I am going to tell you what plugin will help make wordpress faster.

I use a lot of plugins to make my wordpress blog run better but it often caused it to slow down. I tweaked and modified it as much as I could to get the wordpress blog to run faster and I finally saw this plugin that would help it out. This is actually the best plugin that you can get to help your wordpress blog run faster.

WP Super Cache has step by step instructions that are easy to download and upload onto wordpress. It actually only requires a few steps to get the plugin to work and make your wordpress faster.

This wordpress plugin enables your wordpress blog to upload faster for your readers and I also notice that it made my administrator panel faster also.

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