One Year Goal – August

I started this a little late today and wanted to apologize. I am also going to be changing everything to the first since it is much easier to keep track of everything on a monthly basis so the winner of my contest will be awarded on the first of next month instead of the 9th of August which I am sure that they won’t mind. I also wanted to advise you that these are only results from July 23 thru August 9th since I only started getting updates on my blog in the middle of July. I also wanted to say that I will be working six months on building up my traffic and customizing my blog before I try to make any real money from it. Don’t worry about me though since I have another form of making money online such as my freelance writing. This is only an experiment of my own to see if I can make it to becoming a top blogger in as little as a year. Anyways, enough of the chit chat and here we go….


Unique Visitors-120

Page views-516

Bounce Rate-55.98%

Top Referring search engines-




Top Referring Sites-




Most Popular Post-

· Blog Contest for August…

· 10 Ways of Creating traffic to Your Blog…

· RSS Help in Google Reader…

Twitter Followers-28

Technorati Authority-18

Blog Reactions-144

Google Page Rank-2

Let me know if I let anything off that you would like to see added to this page for future references.

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