Build a List For Free Using Twitter

Today I read an interesting message left by Croydon at a social site that I am a member of about using Twitter to build a list. The post was unclear and only left a few details as to what it was actually hoping to gain, so I thought I would clarify this for you.

Building a list is only as hard as you make it and can be done through the help of Twitter. You are probably wondering what I am up to and if this would actually offer a way to build a list with the answer being a “yes it can”.

Twitter is a social site for all kinds of people who are online, and it is free. With Twitter being free, you can use Twitter as a free way to build a list.

There different ways to use twitter such as posting a message, posting a reply, adding friends, socializing, advertising emails, showing off some of your post, letting people know what you are doing, and other things.

To use Twitter you would need a free account which is easily set up as long as you have an email address. Once you have a Twitter account, start searching for people within your niche or people that you feel with get a certain value from the information that you can offer them.

Once the friends list is set up and people follow you on Twitter, you can send out a mass link, comment, information, and a lot of other things by using Twitter. This doesn’t mean for you to spam their site a shout now and then to what you are doing is fine. I try to write a post now and then about something that I feel that the readers might be interested in that could help them and I might put an affiliate link in now and then but this is completely up to my readers on whether they want to click on it. Once I write my post, I post it up on Twitter so it goes out to all of the friends on Twitter.

I have also used affiliate links to programs just by posting something up on Twitter for free that they might be interested in. This is a great way to use Twitter to your advantage and make money from doing it. There are so many ways to use Twitter, and Firefox has even added ways to make using Twitter even more enjoyable.

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