Journey to a Top Blogger

Today I am driving down the road with my family on the long stretch of highway in Oklahoma headed back towards the city after picking the kids up from their grandparent’s house. It has been a long trip but it has also given me time to think about what all I want for this blog. I have journeyed through a lot this past year and have had a lot happen; so much that I had to start this blog over twice and catch up all on my traffic that I loss. The good news is that I am back and better than ever.

As you all know, I took a week vacation to figure things out and to get the kids to their doctor appointments before school starts. It has been wonderful in the way but also exhausting and I am glad that this past week is finally over. R.D. Hayes has been through a lot of changes for the better and I am still adding some new things to this blog to make it even better for you.

As I sit here, I wonder what would make this blog an even better blog and what my readers really want. It is good to ask your readers what they want and to pay attention to the comments that are often left for clues since many of the comments left will give you hints to what readers come to your blog for.

The cool part about having a blog like this one is that it is a blog that was started from scratch but one that I am proud of. I have met a lot of neat people along the way and have even come to know a lot of top bloggers and people that I can call friends. During this journey to becoming a top blogger I have also found out what truly makes a good blogger; it isn’t the fact that they blog, it is the passion that they have for it and the need to want to do it for the rest of their lives. My journey is far from over but I will definitely see you all on the other side as a top blogger no matter how long it takes me.

My one year goal has just begun but I will be happy when I can say that the one year goal was accomplished because I felt the need to share with others the knowledge that is needed to succeed in blogging.

My question for you is this; what do you want to learn from this blog? What would you like to know and what would you like to see?

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