Affiliate Links in Post

Affiliate links inside of post can be a tricky subject especially to a newbie. I don’t recommend putting more than three and two if you can help it so that your post doesn’t look spammy.

Here is the way that I often put my affiliate links inside of my post

I try to only put two affiliate links in the post and I alway put one within the first two paragraphs of the post. The reason for this is that most people who read your blog are going to scan it instead of reading the entire post and most people will only read the first few paragraphs. If you put the affiliate link in an area before they would have to scroll down, it has a better chance of getting clicked on.

I also put an affiliate link towards the bottom of the post since it will remind those who have read the entire post that there is a link there for them to click on.

What if I want three affiliate links?

If you are wanting to put three affiliate links into your post then I would suggest that you add the third one somewhere in the middle if your post is long enough. You don’t want a small post to have three links in it or else it will look like you are spamming.

Another reason to not add a bunch of affiliate links

If you add a bunch of affiliate links into your post it makes the reader feel like you are are pushing the link on them. No one likes to be pushed into doing something and this includes your need to make money.

This includes my tip on placing affiliate links inside of your blog post.

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