Open a New Tab When Your Right Click Stops Working

My right click on the mouse went out on me and I cannot work without it. I used it for many things. One of my primary reasons for using it is the power to open links in a new tab. I am a tab whore; I do research with many tabs open.

It took hours to track down a solution for this and I can’t believe how simple it is. It has made me want to learn more keyboard shortcuts for future fails. I also found that some keyboard shortcuts allow me to work faster and more proficient.

If you have lost the ability to open links in a new tab here are the solutions.

Open links in a new tab using Chrome keyboard shortcut: There are two options here. Option number one assumes you have not lost use of the left. Scroll over the link you want to open, hold the left click down and scroll up to the new tab section and release. This will allow it to open in a new tab. Option two assumes you have lost complete use of both clickers. Scroll to the link, or tab down to the link, and press the second button to the right of the space bar that looks  like a piece of paper with three lines. This button will let you to open the link in a new tab.

Open links in a new tab using Microsoft Edge: I found two solutions for opening links in Microsoft Edge when your right click no longer works. The first option is to scroll to the link you want to open, highlight the link, and press CTL and Enter at the same time. The second option assumes you have not loss use of the left click of the mouse. Scroll or tab to the link you want to open and press CTL and hit the left click.

I hope this helps anyone who has loss use of their right click and could not open new tabs. If you have any shortcuts which have helped you in writing, please let me know.

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