Submitting your blog to Google

If you were to ask anyone what the top crawler based search engine was, you would probably get the answer, Google. Many people use Google as their main search engine and Google also has many features that consumers can use to help them on the Internet.

How do you get listed for Free in Google?

Google loves it when a site or blog has many backlinks to them. There is a way of doing this for free and you can do it by asking someone to exchange links for you or getting to know people who have the no-follow removed from their blog and simply writing comments on their post. Keep in mind that you will want to locate blogs that are relevant to your blog and only leave comments that are meaningful otherwise you might end up getting links from blogs that are off topic and other bloggers will begin to hate you for spamming up their blog.

Google also has a way of looking for links on other search engines like Yahoo and once they pick up on your URL, they will continue to crawl it for new information. This can help you if you aren’t already indexed by the Google crawlers.

Add your blog to the Google Crawlers:

Google also has a handy little tool that allows you to add your URL directly to the crawlers. Once you do this, the crawlers will crawl your blog and see if there is any new information that can be added to the search engine. What I found interesting with this tool, is that you can also submit URL’s from inside your blog to help it get indexed.

How will this help me?

Once your site is indexed by Google, it will continue to be crawled. The process may take up to a month before Google displays any information about your blog on their search engine.

After you are indexed, it will make it much easier for people to find your blog by typing in keywords that you have used or by simply typing in the name of your blog into the search engine field.

The best way to keep your blog moving towards the top of the Google pageranks is to update it often so that the crawlers will have something to crawl and list.

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