Keyword Density: something i learned along the way

\"KeywordI often write for many companies on the web and will often have to use keyword density as part of my writing in order to get it noticed by crawlers such as Google. Keywords is what draws the attention to your page and makes it more search friendly. There are many ways to make your keyword density much stronger so that the search engines can find it better and in return, more people will be reading what you write. The use of keyword density can may your article or blog that much stronger.

Keywords in first paragraph:

Keyword density can play a huge part in how many page views that you typically get. In my research, it is best if you use 3-5 keywords in the first paragraph. The reason for this will be explained in the next paragraph.


Crawlers that come from such sites as Google, will typically only look at the first 50 words of a post or article and this is why it is important to make the first paragraph count. Using keywords 3-5 times in the first paragraph can make a whole world of difference when it comes to the crawlers.

Bold Keywords:

Have you ever thought about making your keywords bold? Bold keywords make things stand out to us and to the search engine crawlers. Next time you write, make your keywords bold and see what happens.

Linking to other articles:

One thing that I have learned is that when you write and link to other articles on the same topic or subject, it helps to get backlinks and the crawlers love this. I use my blog post to backlink to other articles that are well inside of my blog and it helps to keep those articles fresh when people click on the link and are taken back in the past to post that were written way back when. If you do take this advice, I would recommend that you only link to 2-3 articles so that you post doesn’t become overwhelmed and it seems to be catch the readers attention more often if you only have a few links to other post.

Length of article or post:

A typical post or article should be between 400-600 words long. I don’t always listen to myself when it comes to this but it helps when you are using keyword density. Writing a short article can make you leave out too much information and if you were to write it any longer, your readers would probably lose interest.

Keyword Density:

Now, let’s talk about keyword density of an article. Keyword density should be used 3%-5% in an article or post. Any shorter and the crawlers might miss you but if you make it too much, they could consider it spam and not even index it.

Do I always do this when it comes to keyword density:

Hey, I am learning something new everyday and yes, if i find something that I like, I will begin to use it immediately. The cool thing is that this works with articles and blogs.

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