What you should know about keyword stuffing

stuffing could ruin your blog, and you may not even know it. Keyword stuffing is a term most often used when you are referring to the amount of keywords you are using in a post or article. We also know this as keyword spamming and is something that you should try to avoid at all cost.

Cramming keywords into your content should be listed as something that you should not do unless you just don’t want traffic or want to be known as the spammer of all spams.

Your site is often scoured by popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. They often look at your content and collect statistics on it. If they see that you have an unusually outrageous amount of keywords or key phrases, your site could suffer from a lower rank or even be ignored for doing this.

Stuffing keywords could also draw your readers elsewhere. No one likes to go to a site that is constantly repeating themselves over and over with the same words. This can become confusing and they might lose interest. So it is important to keep your keyword density to approximately 3%-5%.

The best way to keep readers is to write relatively short, interesting and discoverable content for your site or blog.

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