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Social media marketing is an essential part of running an online business. Since I am an expert in social media marketing, or at least I like to think I am, my job is to keep up with social networking sites and all the new gadgets. During my research, I came across a website called Buffer. Buffer has been around for a long time; If you are not using Buffer for your social Media Marketing, my question is why?

Why is Buffer Important for Social Media Marketing?

Buffer allows you to schedule post or tweets, allowing you to stay more focused on other important task. I have used Buffer for social media marketing for a while now, and I’m still impressed; when you can schedule your post, it keeps things for being cluttered. I know that I sometimes have the tendency to write a bunch of post in a row, and this social media tool helps you keep from doing this.

Buffer also has a suggestions tab that allows you to schedule suggested post. The suggested posts are similar news, pictures, or articles that you normally post.

The Analytics Alone is a Huge Help

The analytics part of this social media tool is also worth checking out. When you schedule post through Buffer, it will show you how many times your post are clicked on. The analytics is something worth having, since you can’t always tell which posts are getting the most feedback.

One More Way to Make Our Lives Easier

Buffer also has a browser extension, so you can grant bits from the web and post them. Using the browser extension saves a lot of time in our already busy, complicated, world.


The Crappy Part About Buffer

There are things that I do not like about Buffer. Buffer  has the ability to post to only certain social media accounts, leaving many of them out of the equation. Also, unless you plan on upgrading and paying the extra fee, you’re left with only being able to schedule ten post. However, this social media tool does have a 7 day trial for the upgraded version.

Is It Worth Upgrading or Should I Stay With the Free Version?

I do feel that this social Media Marketing tool is worth the extra money, since it can help bring in business by automating post. With it showing you to which post are getting the most clicks, this can help your business by knowing which ads are working and which you should kick to the curb.

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